A quick history of the humble Easter egg

April 13, 2017

A quick history of the humble Easter egg

For a long time now the egg has been a symbol of fertility and rebirth. For thousands of years even before Christianity, a bird's egg was given as a gift. It was usually decorated in bright colours to celebrate the vibrancy and colours of Spring, when the sun and nature stirred to life again. 

Painted Easter egg

It was only in the 19th century that the first chocolate eggs were first made in France and Germany.

Easter egg toys

The chocolate was made in such a way that it could be blended and made into the egg shape we know today. However it was John Cadbury who made the first solid eggs in 1842. Then many years later he was able to produce a press that could successfully separate the cocoa butter from the bean.

Iced easter egg

This made a finer chocolate and therefore made it easier to melt and mould.  This resulted in the Cadbury Easter egg being produced in 1875. The first eggs were made of smooth plain chocolate and the insides were filled with small pieces of nuts and fruit covered in icing sugar.

Cadbury egg1 Cadbury egg2

Many more designs followed with icing and marzipan flowers all in decorated boxes.

Today it has become the Easter tradition that we all know and love. Who doesn't like waking up on a Sunday morning and having chocolate for breakfast? 

Happy Easter everyone.

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