From Walnut tree to beautiful hand made Walnut Quaich

November 18, 2016

From Walnut tree to beautiful hand made Walnut Quaich

When it comes to making traditional Scottish hand made wooden Quaichs, Paul Hodgkiss Designs will normally only use Burr Elm, but sometimes we like to use other timbers as well.

walnut tree       walnut tree walnuts

In 2009 Paul was lucky enough to source and purchase 2 English Walnut trees. This was an amazing opportunity to buy these magnificent specimens, as they still had their roots attatched. This is extremely rare to find for sale in this condition.  

walnut tree  walnut tree  walnut tree

Walnut tree roots are very highly sought after by people who make gun stocks. There is about 40 species of Walnut, but English Walnut is used by stock makers for its strong close grain timber. It is strong, beautiful and has fantastic machining qualities.

walnut gunstock   walnut gunstocks           walnut gunstock walnut gunstock


The purchase of the Walnut trees from the supplier was the very last sale before they closed for good. A sad moment but the trees went on to become objects of beauty in their own right.

Paul Hodgkiss Designs went on to use the Walnut in several projects over the years. One being the refurbishment of the Grant Whisky Family Home. Paul Hodgkiss Designs made a beautiful Walnut Vip dining table for them as well as other pieces for the home. 

Grant family table  Grant family home

Smaller pieces of the timber were left over. Paul wanted to see how the timber would turn on the lathe and if it would be possible to be able to make one of our hand made wooden Quaichs out of it. The resulting Quaich was one of the most beautiful ones Paul Hodgkiss Designs has ever made. 

walnut Quaich walnut quaich walnut Quaich walnut quaich

Why not pop in and see us at Paul Hodgkiss Designs and see for yourselves how amazing this hand made Walnut Quaichs is. An ideal gift for anyone, especially for a wedding.


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