Ceremonial Burr Elm Wooden Quaich

November 23, 2016

Ceremonial Burr Elm Wooden Quaich

For hundreds of years Scottish Burr Elm has been used in furniture making and woodturning. Its warm reddish tones, attractive and unusual patterns are extremely popular. It is also very popular because of its natural waney edge. Burr Elm is also very highly prized and can be very expensive due to its ever increasing rarity. It is also highly sought after by Veneer companies who then slice it very finely to use in furniture making and marquetry.

Burr Elm Burr Elm burr Elm

The actual Burr itself is formed when the tree endures a stressful situation. Whither it be a virus, fungus or some sort of injury to the tree. Most burrs actually grow beneath the ground, attached to roots as a type of growth. Because of this is is not usually discovered until the tree falls over or dies. Some burrs can appear to look like giant knuckle like growths on the tree. Burr wood is almost always covered by bark no matter wither it is above or below ground. Certain types of mold and infestations from insects can also add to this condition.

Our range of Burr Elm Wooden Quaichs, are individually handcrafted, starting from a cylindrical block of Scottish Elm. We have handpicked only the finest selection of Burr Elm timber to be used for this range of exclusive Quaichs. Our stock has been expertly and lovingly stored by ourselves for over 16 years.

Burr Elm Quaich on lathe   Wooden Quaich on the lathe   Burr Elm Wooden Quaich

Once the elm has been shaped and sculpted through five separate lathe stages and then three hand finish processes, any spaces in the timber that would naturally occur are then filled with our very own resin to enhance the natural beauty of the timber. We have used cutting edge CNC technology to achieve accuracy and detail in the design of the handle. The Burr Elm Wooden Quaich is then finished and sealed by hand using Tung oil.  This oil has been used traditionally for thousands of years as it has many amazing qualities including being water and alcohol resistant. This makes it ideal for us to use as the Quaich is traditionally used to drink Whisky from at many ceremonies and special occasions.

 Elm wooden Quaich Elm Wooden Quaich wooden Elm Quaich wooden elm quaich

Our Wooden Quaichs are normally all the same size roughly 15.5cm x 10cm x 4cm. These are ideal for individual personal gifts for someone or for a wedding. However we are sometimes asked if we can make a larger Quaich for more ceremonial occasions such as presentations and awards. So that is exactly what we did. 

Ceremonial Quaich Cerimonail Quaich Ceremonial Quaich Ceremonial Quaich Ceremonial Quaich Ceremonial Quaich

This stunning Ceremonial Burr Elm Quaich was hand made by Paul Hodgkiss Designs in our Glasgow workshop. The same techniques are employed in the making of this as our other smaller Quaichs.  The dimensions of this stunning piece of Burr Elm are 25cm x 18cm x 6cm. This beautiful Quaich can be laser etched with any inscription or logo of your choice.

Paul Hodgkiss Designs flower logo 

Please be aware that as timber is a natural material the grain will vary, and will display its own unique characteristics, which is an integral part of the charm and beauty of real wood. Therefore, when you purchase one of our handmade Wooden Quaichs, although they will be same design, size, weight, there will be differences in the grain of the timber, and will differ from the one pictured.

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