What Christmas means to Paul Hodgkiss

December 23, 2016

What Christmas means to Paul Hodgkiss

When it comes to Christmas every one has a specific memory from their childhood that they cherish. For some people its the actual buying of the tree and setting it up in the house. Or making their own decorations to hang up on the tree and around the house. Sitting by an open fire listening to it crackle and pop as the wooden logs burn away on Christmas Eve. Hot chocolate with toasted marshmallows, gingerbread houses being baked in the kitchen. Or maybe it was the mulled wine bubbling gently away on the stove, whilst the family gathers from all the corners of the world in your little cozy home.

Open fire Hot chocolate Ginger bread house Mulled wine 2 

For Paul it was all of these things and so much more. The one memory that stands out for Paul is simple, the smell of the Christmas tree. "When I was young the most exciting thing about Christmas was the tree, the smell of it, the look of it. We always had a Douglas Fir Christmas tree. It was the Hodgkiss family tradition at Christmas. The Douglas had finer needles but the smell of it was amazing and I always associate that smell with rumaging about under the tree on Christmas morning. Its such a nostalgic memory for me and a tradition that I keep strong to this day with my own family". 


Christmas wreath Hallway Elf Bench Beams Stockings  Christmas tree

This year the run up to Christmas has been very busy for the family. As well as finishing up on contracts for clients at the workshop, the 2 shops Paul Hodgkiss Designs at 31 Gavinton Street, and Bumblebee at 200 Clarkston Road have been full of Christmas shoppers to. On top of that Paul and his wife Elvera took it upon themselves to completely redecorate their home just in time for Christmas. Part of this project involved the renovation of wooden doors and shutters that had been rescued from Elvera's late grand parents house in a small village in Italy. The doors and shutters were strapped to the roof of their old car and brought over years ago. They have sat in storage in Paul's workshop ever since. The house originally was surrounded by Oak woodland, so everything in the village was made from this timber. That is why it has lasted so long. The house is sadly in ruins now however parts of it now lives on in Paul and Elvera's home.

Cupboard1 cupboard 2 Cupboard 3 Cupboard 4 Cupboard 5 Cupboard door 6

The doors have been sanded and cleaned up with wire wool and in some cases given a light grey wash. The results have been amazing. Some of the timber still has the original paint work on it and the colours have come up really well. They have travelled hundreds of miles from another country but now look like they have been in the home all along.

So with only 2 sleeps left until Christmas Day, Paul and Elvera would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year and all the very best for 2017.


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