In the beginning ... there was wood!

August 08, 2016

In the beginning ... there was wood!

Seems like only yesterday I was finishing my cabinetmakers apprenticeship with Piers Kettlewell in 1982. The skills I learned would stay with me throughout my career, even to this day I have never forgotten my time with such an outstanding group of craftspeople.

Setting out on your own was an amazing if not a little scary experience. Armed with my new wood work skills, my thirst to problem solve and communicate with customers, I became self-employed. This allowed me the freedom to design my own pieces whilst also helping my clients through the design process step by step.

From the late 80’s to early 90’s I found myself designing, producing and fitting exceptionally high quality furniture and fittings for many shops, bars and restaurants in and around Glasgow and beyond.

 After a sabbatical, travelling around Australia and South East Asia where I spent time living with a wood carving family, my furniture designs were to change. I witnessed how they transformed their visions into carvings by following the natural pattern of the wood. This revelation gave me the creative freedom to experiment with our own Scottish wood back home.

From 1994 on wards I have been producing my designs and adapting them to suit the jobs practical requirements. I enjoy nothing more than working on a challenging bespoke commission, where I’m asked to design and produce something that I have not tackled before. Creating strong but subtle brand messages through the designs for commercial as well as private clients.


This desire and drive lead to the opening of the Paul Hodgkiss Designs showroom in October, 2013. A hidden gem just off Clarkston Road at 31 Gavinton Street, G44 3EF Glasgow, it is full of bespoke designs ranging from dinning funtinure, media units, shelving including high quality, hand made pieces of wooden including Quaichs, candle holders and wooden hearts. All handcrafted in our workshop, it is a joy to create every day. Located at 31 Clarkston Road, Glasgow, G44 3EF just pop along and see just how wonderful wood can be.

Photography courtesy of Elaine Livingstone