Reclaimed Pitch Pine Blanket Box

November 16, 2016

Reclaimed Pitch Pine Blanket Box

For many years Paul Hodgkiss Designs has been involved with some amazing projects. A lot of these projects have been with some of the most famous and loved Scottish Distilleries. One such project involved removing 40 foot long Pitch Pine joists from a warehouse at the Glenfiddich Distillery, Dufftown, Banffshire, Aberdeen. 


 Pitch pine  Pitch Pine  Pitch pine

These joists had probably been in the warehouse since the late 1800's and were far too good to be thrown away. Like most timber it had a life of its own and was destined to be reclaimed and lovingly brought to life again.

Pitch pine     Pitch Pine


Pitch Pine originates in the Northern States of America, and is thought of as belonging to the Southern Yellow Pines family. It can also be found as far south as Georgia. These trees were used mainly in the production of pine tar and turpentine in the 1700’s and 1800’s.


pine resin   pine resin Pine tar

The invention of trains and the rail-roads and merchant shipping in the late 1800’s lead to the over logging of this timber. Pine was a major building material during the industrial revolution. By the late 1920’s most of the first generation pine growth had been harvested and used to build mills, factories and warehouses.

 grant family home Grant family home

Most of the timber taken from the warehouse was reused as floorboards in the Grant family home. 

Some of the boards however were kept aside for future projects . One of these was a Pitch Pine Blanket Box.

pitch pine blanket box pitch pine blanket box pitch pine blanket box pitch pine blanket box pitch pine blanket box pitch pine blanket box

Ideal for any bedroom to store your winter blankets, Tweedmill Throws, or bed linen, or why not keep it in a children's room as a toy box. The uses for it are endless. Hand made in our workshop in Glasgow by Paul Hodgkiss Designs.

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