Rouken Glen Park Reception Desk

December 12, 2016

Rouken Glen Park Reception Desk

Rouken Glen Park refurbishment project.

In 2013 Paul Hodgkiss Designs was invited to tender for a project which would see them design and build the reception desk in the renovated pavilion building at Rouken Glen Park.

Rouken Glen Park Pavillion Rouken Glen Park Pavillion

They recognised the client’s interest in making the desk and pavilion representative of the park and it’s environmental and industrial history. The design specified the use of Sycamore, Lime and other timbers native to the park, along with stone taken from the weir.

Rouken Glen park sketch


The design of the desk included an access area for wheelchair users. They also had incorporated into the design suspended pieces of flora, fauna and other items of interest in resin-filled pockets and sections of the desk. This overall concept managed to capture all the elements that were present in the park and surrounding area. 

Rouken Glen Park Reception Desk 1 Rouken Glen Park reception Desk 2 Rouken Glen Park Reception Desk 3 Rouken Glen Park reception Desk 4


When Paul created the reception desk at Rouken Glen, he was able to use actual timber from the park. So by the end of the project it only had to travelled 8 miles from felling of the trees to the fitting of the desk. It was a fantastic project to be a part of and Paul remembers it well. 

Just recently Rouken Glen Park was voted the UK's favourite local Greenspace.  

RGPark RGP pavillion RGP 2

"I'm delighted to hear the park has been named UK's favourite local Greenspace.  It was a great project to work on with it being so close to home, we love strolling around the park on the few days we have off." - Paul


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