The inspiration behind the design

December 09, 2016

The inspiration behind the design

Over the years many people have asked where Paul gets his inspirations from for his beautiful designs. They come from all over the world as well as right here in Scotland. When opening the Paul Hodgkiss Designs shop, Paul wanted to streamline his designs into 3 distinctive styles. These would become the Cuil, Epinel and Rannoch ranges. 

Cuil Bay Cuil Bay 2 Cuil Bay 3


Cuil Bay, near Ballachullish is where weekends and school holidays first introduced Paul to the stark, vast beauty of the Scottish Highlands. Building rafts and clambering all day long on sea worn rock or climbing ragged birch trees. Cuil Bay remains a retreat that he regularly visits to achieve inspirations from nature. The Cuil range has full natural, shaped edges representing more of the natural elements that wood presents. Below the Paul Hodgkiss Designs Credenza and 6 seater dinning table from the Cuil Range.
Cuil Credenza Cuil Dinning Table                                                                                                                                                                         
Epinel Epinel 2 Epinel 3

Epinel is an ancient farming village, nestled in the Grande Paradiso national park. In his youth, Paul spent yearly summer holidays there. He was captured by the sheer scale and natural beauty of the pastures, village life, mountains and everything around him. He was allowed the freedom to adventure, and often set out alone on long days following mountain paths, enjoying the tactile and visual sensations of this glacial landscape. The Epinel range is distinctive by a soft 'D' profile cutting gracefully through natural edges, reminding Paul of the recently carved landscape. Pictured below the Paul Hodgkiss Designs Dresser and 6 seater dinning table from the Epinel Range

Cuil Dresser Epinel Table


Rannoch Moor Rannoch Moor Rannoch Moor

Rannoch Moor. Its silent and beautifully bleak minimalism gave Paul the inspiration that he recognises as the desire to contrast straight and flat with the random shape of nature. The Rannoch range presents edges that are straight with a small 'R2' round to the corners. The cuts are chosen to produce natural reminders through the grain and burr of timber, as well as the flat edge detail that evokes the flatland of Rannoch Moor. Pictured below the Paul Hodgkiss Designs Media Cabinet and Console Table from the Rannoch Range.

Rannoch Media centre Rannoch Console Table

All three ranges are available in our shop. Please come along and see for yourself these beautifully designed handmade pieces.


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