Top 5 tips to help you look after your wooden Quaich

November 09, 2016

Top 5 tips to help you look after your wooden Quaich


 wooden quaich Wooden Quaich manufacture at Paul Hodgkiss Designs 

A lot of hard work goes into our range of Wooden Quaich. Individually handcrafted, shaped and sculpted through five separate lathe stages and then three hand finish processes. Any spaces in the timber that would naturally occur are then filled with our very own resin to enhance the natural beauty of the timber. We use cutting edge CNC technology to achieve accuracy and detail in the design of the handle. The Quaich is then finished and sealed by hand using Tung oil.  This oil has been used traditionally for thousands of years as it has many amazing qualities including being water and alcohol resistant. This makes it ideal for us to use as the Quaich is traditionally used to drink Whisky from at many ceremonies and special occasions.

All this hard work would all be lost if you then shoved it in the dish washer along with the rest of your plates! So here is a little guide to help you maintain and continue to look after your Quaich.


Tip no 1

not dishwater safe sign            

Do NOT put it in the dishwasher! Although it is finished with protective layers of Tung Oil which help it to be resistant to both water and alcohol, it is not enough to protect it from a cycle in the dishwasher. The water will effect the cell structure of the timber and raise the grain making it very rough to the touch. It will not ruin the Quaich but it will have to be re sanded and several coats of Tung Oil applied again to bring it back up to its former glory. It also goes without saying that you should never put it in an oven or microwave either. Its a wooden product there fore it will burn and catch fire.


Tip no 2

Glassred cross     Wedding Quaich at Paul Hodgkiss Designs   Green tick

Although the Quaich is the traditional loving cup of Scotland and is traditionally used to drink from at social occasions, please do not use it as an actual drinking glass for long periods of time. As stated before, the Tung oil is water and alcohol resistant but should not be exposed to these elements for long periods. Over time it will begin to effect the integrity of the timber. A swift nip of whisky means exactly that. Once you have drank from the Quaich a quick wipe with a dry cloth cloth will help to maintain it for many years to come. 


Tip no 3

sun       rain        temperature

The temperature in which you store your Quaich at is very important to. Although we use felled trees, in a way the timber is kind of living on in that it still reacts to changes in the atmosphere i.e temperature and humidity. Any wooden object that is exposed to air, will change its moisture content in accordance with changes in the atmosphere, and will shrink or swell to accommodate these changes. The best way to tell if your keeping it in the right environment is this. If you feel comfortable sitting in a room without it feeling to hot or to cold then it will be fine for your Quaich to. 


Tip no 4

Please learn how to pronounce it properly. The word “Quaich” is a Scots rendering of the Gaelic word “Cuach”, meaning cup. It is not pronounced "quack", "quiche", "quake" or indeed "keek"! 


Tip no 5

                                            Wooden Quaich Paul Hodgkiss Designs

If you were lucky enough to buy or indeed receive one of Paul Hodgkiss Designs beautiful hand made Quaichs, please show it the respect and love it deserves. It is not a bowl for keys, loose change or indeed to eat snacks out of. These pieces were designed, hand made and finished in our Glasgow workshop. Ideal as a gift for any whisky lover and perfect for any ceremony, especially weddings.

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