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Our Paul Hodkgiss Designs Burr Elm Wooden Quaich is bespoke and hand-made to order. 

The Wooden Quaich is steeped in history.  Dating back to the 16th century, the wooden Quaich is Scotland’s cup of friendship.  It has been offered through the centuries as a welcoming gift at Clan Gatherings and to visitors from far and wide across the world. The word “Quaich” is a Scots rendering of the Gaelic word “Cuach”, meaning cup.  The two handed design of this vessel incorporates trust on the part of both the giver and receiver.

Our new range of Wooden Quaichs made from Burr Elm, has been individually handcrafted, starting as a cylindrical block of timber, which has then been shaped and sculpted through five separate lathe stages and then three hand finish processes.  Any spaces in the timber that would naturally occur are then filled with our very own resin to enhance the natural beauty of the timber. We have used cutting edge CNC technology to achieve accuracy and detail in the design of the handle. We have handpicked only the finest selection of Burr Elm timber to be used for this range of exclusive Burr Elm Wooden Quaichs. Burr Elm is exquisitely prized and is very scarce.  Our stock has been expertly and lovingly stored by ourselves for over 16 years. 

The Burr Elm Wooden Quaich is then finished and sealed by hand using Tung oil.  This oil has been used traditionally for thousands of years as it has many amazing qualities including being water and alcohol resistant. This makes it ideal for us to use as the Quaich is traditionally used to drink Whisky from at many ceremonies and special occasions.

All timbers used in the production of our Elm Wooden Quaichs are sourced both locally and country wide.  The timbers are then machined, kiln dried and formed into your naturally unique Quaich.  Our Burr Elm Wooden Quaichs are also easily recognised by our distinctive flower logo which is engraved on the handle. We at Paul Hodgkiss Designs feel honoured you will have a Quaich which has been lovingly hand crafted in our Glasgow workshop.

Bio Security for export

Your Elm Wooden Quaich is a non-commercial object that has been kiln dried at a temperature of 40 degrees in our on-site kiln for a period of at least six weeks. This process has irradiated the timber of any termite, seed or other contaminant presence.

As this is a handcrafted product made from a natural material all Quaichs will differ slightly in size.

Size 15cm x 10cm x 4cm

Here at paul hodgkiss designs we pride ourselves in using only the finest Scottish timber which is sourced locally and responsibly. As timber is a natural material the grain will vary, and will display its own unique characteristics, which is an integral part of the charm and beauty of real wood. Therefore when you purchase one of our handmade wooden products, although they will be same design, size, weight, there will be differences in the grain of the timber, and will differ from the
one pictured.

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